Candice (girl_next_dork) wrote in shared_dreams,

Been a while since anyone's posted in here, so I figure I'd share one of my dreams last night. Cross-posted from my old journal, because it's a doozy!

I was traveling through this wooded beach town, full of campers and motorcyclists and surfers. It was some holiday weekend, and the place was packed. Finally, I came out of the camping site and found a beach, in a small cove with a bunch of private shoreline bungalows. As I was staring out at the sea, I noticed this strange fog over the water. It came rushing toward me, and I became very scared. The fog enveloped the beach, and then faded a little. Suddenly, I could make out these Egyptian barges sailing around the rocks. The water turned the bluest blue I have ever seen - a deep, color wheel sort of blue. It was beautiful. But then, the tide started to rise very swiftly. The bungalows, just outside the fog, were still behind me, and in danger of being swallowed by the sea. I started talking to someone, or something - perhaps a god, or someone who was controlling the vision - saying, "stop it! you'll flood the houses!". They answered me, in an echoey, detatched voice, but I can't remember what they said. Generally, to an effect, it was a "whatever".

I saw a totem pole/statue/pillar set into a sandy (with some clay content, I think) dune, and started to climb it. It crumbled underfoot a lot of the time, so I also dug little niches in the hillside to put my feet on. I watched the ships go by, and eventually I started hearing this glorious music on the wind as well. Then the fog came again, rushing around. When I opened my eyes, I looked again to see these colonial-era ships this time, and a boardwalk on the beach. The fog wasted little time in coming again, and I climbed down from the pillar because it was crumbling fast. When I looked again, I saw all these highly decorated ships, dark purple paint and elaborate gold carvings all over the hull. They were shallow and long, almost like speedboats. I'm not sure how they were powered, though it may have been a modern motor. I saw eight of them come together and make a formation, heard a new noise, and looked up. It was a large yacht-looking ship, with these long hoisting arms, like cranes, stretching outward, and a helicopter blade on top. It was flying. From the cranes it dropped eight cables, and before I knew it, it was reeling in the ships right off the sea and lifting off with them.

Very Final Fantasy. :D
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