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Hello co-dreamers!

What can I say. A lot of things has been on my mind lately and I sort of forgot this community. <.<
Well, lately I've been forgotting my dreams, as well, so I haven't got much to report, anyway. But it'd been polite to, you know, welcome new members and all. Better late than never, right? So, welcome, weiland_daze!

Anyway, I'm glad we're still alive in here.

Post those dreams, people. Post those dreams.
I would, if only I'd remember anything else than vague bits and pieces and general feelings.

Do you like the new layout? I thought it'd be time to change to something different.

Shared_Dreams is nearly 3 years old! I think it'd be time to recruit some new dreamers in some point. I still love the idea and some dreams are fascinating to read.
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